The Story

Do you need jewellery?  

Do you need unique and meaningful jewellery? 

Do you need unconventional beauty and poesy?  

Do you need handmade original pieces to keep and cherish?  

Do you need elegant yet bold, precious and opulent future heirlooms with a twist?


If you have answered YES to any of these questions then you have come to the right place. If you didn’t, we still invite you to have a look at our work. And we know you don’t NEED jewellery but we also know YOU DO.



Here is a little bit more about us. First what is WWAN(1) ?

WWAN(1) stands for We Will Always Need and you can pronounce it ONE.

WWAN(1) is a jewellery brand and a design studio playing with the concepts of uniqueness and needs. One would say a piece of jewellery is pretty unnecessary. Yet seeking beauty and adorning yourself with meaningful jewels is a very human thing to do.

At WWAN(1) we design and handcraft quality pieces that will make you feel unique and inspiring because you are. And we promise you those pieces are ready to be loved, worn, and carry stories that only YOU know.

We also offer a bespoke service in case you would be looking for something even more SPECIAL.


So here is a little bit more about the designer-maker. Graduated from the London’s Royal College of Art in 2013, Margaux Clavel has been making jewellery (and other non wearable objects), well, FOREVER.

After she spent most of her time, from a very young age, making jewellery for her friends and family she decided to get a little bit more technical. She trained for 4 years in some of the best jewellery schools in Paris and Lyon and finally left her beloved cheeses for London’s fish and chips (and the RCA).

While studying and after graduating she interned and worked for many jewellers (Flavie Furst, Maya Selway, Polly Wales, Alyssa Norton, Charlotte Valkeniers, Comfort Station,…) and finally launched WWAN(1) and its first collection in Paris in the summer 2016.

She now designs and handcrafts WWAN(1)’s pieces in her East London studio.




Necklaces, bracelets and earrings are recognizable by their iconic style of carved precious metal gemstones. Rarely minimal, they draw inspiration from Victorian faceted cut steel jewellery to Art Deco or Roman pieces but more widely from the colourful world, its narratives, its textures and its patterns.

WWAN(1) explores traditional styles to create new twisted and edgy classics. The metals, semi-precious and precious stones are chosen with integrity for their aesthetics, their inner qualities and high value. All materials are ethically sourced when possible.




WWAN(1) also intends to collaborate with designers and brands from other disciplines. One of the best examples is our creative collaboration with Äpla Studio to create all our visual content.

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